About Phamaly Theatre Company

Phamaly Theatre Company was created when five students from the Boettcher School in Denver, all living with disabilities, grew frustrated with the lack of theatrical opportunities for people living with disabilities. The group decided to create a theatre company that would provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to perform.

Celebrating 30 Years

Phamaly's founders were ahead of their time in building an inclusive organization that directly served disenfranchised individuals with disabilities from all racial, ethnic, gender, and class identities. Phamaly continues to give individuals a supportive space to achieve their full potential and provides Colorado with an expansive artistic experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Throughout its 30-year history, Phamaly has maintained its dedication to the founding principle of inclusion while developing artistic craft, enhancing professional opportunities, and employing new methods of access through science and technology, all while stunning audiences with award-winning theatre. Through its innovative productions, Phamaly advances the social narrative of disability to effect greater inclusion, participation, and respect for people with disabilities in all facets of society.

Mission, Vision, & Values

To be a creative home for theatre artists with disabilities; to model a disability-affirmative theatrical process; and to upend conventional narratives by transforming individuals, audiences, and the world.

A world in which disability and the differences within the human condition are celebrated and the theatre experience is accessible and welcoming to all.


Phamaly is passionate about creating and supporting all members of its community – on stage and off.


Phamaly celebrates the unconventional and uplifts human uniqueness.


​Phamaly has pride in the disability identity.


​Phamaly believes in disability as a creative asset and artistic aesthetic that can transform conventional stories and unlock creative potential.


​Phamaly is fiercely committed to deconstructing barriers so theatre artists with disabilities can work freely and productively and do their best work.


​Phamaly creates a safe space to allow for laughter, vulnerability, and fearlessness.

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Phamaly's Staff


Sasha Hutchings

Managing Director


Regan Linton

Artistic Director


Erin Banta

Administrative Assistant


Darion Ramos

Production Stage Manager


Kirsten Steinke

Marketing and Communications Coordinator


Annie jacobs

Technical Production Manager