photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news

Partnership with Access Gallery

Beginning in 2023, Phamaly has hired graphic designers from Access Gallery to create their season artwork.

We are proud to announce that 2024's season artwork was created by Jareth J. Charles. Read more about him below and click the link to be directed to his page to purchase his work.

Jareth J. Charles

Jareth J. Charles is a local Denver artist who works at Access Gallery. He has been writing and creating his own characters since his teens. He published and illustrated a book titled "The Feelings Book" that helps children with autism describe their emotions. He has illustrated two books available for purchase at Access Gallery titled "The Purple Lion" written by Rebecca Petty and "Cuco's Cart" written by Tony Catanese.

About Access Gallery

Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening doors to creative, educational and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience and benefit from the arts.

How Access Gallery Serves and Supports Artists and the Community

People with disabilities experience a 70% unemployment rate. Artists with disabilities are no exception and often face barriers to accessing training and career opportunities. Lack of economic opportunities is often a larger challenge than the actual disability.

Access Gallery serves aspiring artists who are serious about their art and are ready to commit to a career in the arts. The majority of our artists have a developmental or intellectual disability. Together we create the systems and structures to transform talent into careers and income by:

  • Connecting the public with artists through showcasing works of art, curating interactive art experiences, and selling one-of-a-kind works at the Gallery.

  • Providing skill-building opportunities in the visual arts for artists with disabilities and supporting each artist as they grow their creative potential. At the Studio, artists learn from talented local artists, work for real-world clients, and plan their artistic careers. The studio also offers free workshops to the surrounding community. ​

  • Offering high-quality services to businesses, nonprofits and government agencies through Creative Services, including graphic design, art consulting, commissions, murals and illustration.