photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news

Alice Cast

Learn about each of the performers on stage with us this production.


Lorne/Card 4  |   APOLLO BLUE

Cheshire Cat (Head)  /Musician  |   KALYN HEFFERNAN

Cheshire Cat (Body)  |   JOSHUA ELLEDGE

Cheshire Cat (Tail)  |   TRENTON SCHINDELE

White Rabbit  |   MOIRA MCCONNELL

French Mouse/King  |   CODY OHLERKING


Bird/Croquet Commentator  |   BETH NEWSOM

Crab/Croquet Commentator  |   JADA SHAW

Turtle/Duchess Guest  |   VIANCA MAREZ

Caterpillar  |   KEENAN GLUCK

Frog Doorman  |   MADISON STOUT

Frog Messenger/Croquet Commentator  |   MOLLY KIRKHAM

Duchess  |   LAURICE QUINN

Cook/Croquet Commentator  |   MELISSA OTTKE

Mad Hatter  |   DANIEL TRAYLOR

March Hare  |   PHILLIP LOMEO

Dormouse  |   DONNA GUNNISON

Card 1/Scenic Ninja  |   MADELEINE WALSH

Card 2/Scenic Ninja/Duchess Guest   |   AYDEN ARMSTRONG

Card 3/Scenic Ninja  |   ZACHARY GARCIA

Card 5/Scenic Ninja  |   LANCE PATE

Joker/Scenic Ninja  |   JENNIFER ANDERMAN


Knave/Scenic Ninja  |   MATTY UMBRIACO


Bios listed alphabetically.


Jennifer Anderman 

Joker | Scenic Ninja

Jen has been with Phamaly Theater Company for four years. She has starred in the chorus of Annie and the 30th Anniversary Concert. She has also helped backstage with her parents, Evan and Elizabeth, during Into the Woods. Jen graduated from Thomas Jefferson High School right before rehearsals for Annie began. Outside of Phamaly, Jen works at King Soopers at Leetsdale and Cherry. While at Thomas Jefferson, Jen played the role of Court Clerk\Parade Princess and Chorus Member in Hello Dolly. Jen would like to thank Evan and Elizabeth, and her older sister, Maggie, for everything. Jen lives with autism.


Ayden Armstrong 

Card 2 | Scenic Ninja | Duchess Guest

Ayden is extremely excited to be debuting in her first show with Phamaly after working backstage on Chicago in 2019! She has been involved in the Denver theatre community since she was born, with both of her parents working all around town her entire life. Ayden is currently working on getting her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Music Theatre through Metro State University. Thanks to her family, friends, and professors for all of their support! Ayden lives with anxiety and depression.


Samantha Barrasso 


This is Sam’s tenth show with Phamaly and she is ecstatic to bring this production to life. Before the pandemic, she was honored to perform in Tokyo, Japan in Honk! The Musical as the voice of the cat with this amazing theater company. In addition to acting, Sam teaches voice lessons and has an R&B/pop single on all streaming platforms under the artist name Chyna Rose. She’d like to dedicate this show to the fantastic Lucy Roucis. Sam is blind due to coloboma.


Apollo Blue 

Lorne | Card 4

Apollo is a student at Front Range Community College, working towards an Associates of the Arts degree. He is a talented writer who has had articles and fiction work published in OUT FRONT Magazine. He has been with Phamaly for three years. His previous work with the company includes playing Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet, Tiny Tim in Phamaly’s Rewrite! series, as well as writing for and performing in Phamaly’s CoronaVox project. He would like to thank his family; his best friend, Lex; and Front Range’s Writing Club for their continued support. Apollo is an Ewing’s Sarcoma & Melanoma Survivor, Amputee, and lives with ADHD.


Joshua Elledge 

Cheshire Cat (Body) 

You may know Josh from such roles as Morris in An Equal Opportunity, or Flute from Phamaly’s staged reading of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Whatever the case may be, he is honored to return to the stage for the first time in three years. Josh likes long walks on the beach, all things having to do with film and writing, and is constantly churning out drawings and misplacing his pens and pencils. Not only is he grateful to work along so many talented peers, but he’s beyond excited to partake in such a creative experience. Josh sincerely hopes that those who see this show will be entertained by the antics of Alice and Company in these times of periodic mania. Josh lives with autism spectrum disorder and anxiety.


Zachary Garcia 

Card 3 | Scenic Ninja 

Zachary has been with Phamaly for two years. His favorite performances have been Les Misérables and Phamaly’s 30th Anniversary Concert. He recently completed his first year of college, studying American Sign Language (ASL). He is thankful for his supportive family and friends! Zachary lives with autism.


Keenan Gluck 


Keenan is 22 years old and is acting in his third Phamaly Theatre Company Production (Morph Masters, Come to Your Senses). He is very excited to be performing the role of the Caterpillar and looks forward to working more with Phamaly in the future. Keenan would like to thank his family for their continued support of his acting career. He lives with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.


Donna Gunnison 


If Alice lives in Wonderland, then Donna lives in La la land. Her very first summer with Phamaly was when she played Grandma Tzeitel in Fiddler on the Roof. Her motivation for continuing to perform is because she was in Phamaly when her mother was alive. Donna lives with Parder Willy Syndrome, Narscisstic Personality Disorder, Passive Aggressive Personality, Cyclothymia Disorder, ADHD.


Kalyn Heffernan 

Cheshire Cat (Head) | Musician 

Kalyn is the wheelchair-using, rap-heavy, beat-making, advocate/educator/foul-mouthed rebel rousing artist and founding front member of the experimental hip-hop group, Wheelchair Sports Camp. With its playful combination of humor, radical politics, compassion, and art-inflected musical chops, Denver's biggest smallest band is unlike any other hip-hop act. Raised by the DIY spirit of experimental independent music, the art-rap group has since shifted to rely on multi-disciplinary collaboration and community interdependence to expand into politics, prison tours, permanent installations, theatre, performance art, public television, and more. Kalyn led Denver's first disabled, queer, artist campaign for the Mayor seat in 2019. Born and raised mostly in the Denver metro area, the tiny happy mayor has been advocating for herself and other marginalized, vulnerable communities through music, direct action, education, and art most of her life. When she’s not touring or battle-rapping the empire, Kalyn teaches music production through a social justice lens using raps and beats to build trust and to build futures with underserved teenagers via Youth On Record. A freedom fighter for the little ones, Kalyn is known for being on the front lines, pushing and shouting for access, equity, and calling out those in power who protect capital interests - in her very distinct, high pitched humor. Kalyn lives with steogenesis Imperfecta and is hard of hearing.


Kennedy Isaac


This is Kennedy’s first performance with Phamaly. She has performed in other local theatre, including: Fiddler on the Roof (Vista Peak Preparatory), Aida (Vista Peak Preparatory), A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Vista Peak Preparatory), Searching for Answers (One Act, written and lead performance; Vista Peak Preparatory). Kennedy won the Gifted and Talented in Musical Theatre (Aurora Public Schools), and she graduated from Vista Peak Preparatory, Class of 2021. “Everyone is beautiful in their own way.” Kenney lives with Dystonia.


Molly Kirkham 

Frog Messenger | Croquet Commentator  

Molly is a 21-year-old from Golden who loves theatre. She has been involved in theatre since age 15, and has enjoyed doing many plays with Phamaly. Her favorite Phamaly performance was Midsummer Night's Dream (because it was her first one) and her most memorable high school performance was Big Fish. During the day, Molly works for UCHealth as a Patient Access Liaison. The next time you are booking your doctor's appointment, you might be talking with her.  She is trying to learn guitar and loves singing. She thanks everyone in Phamaly, but especially Regan, who gave her a chance back in 2017. Molly lives with (thrives with!) a rare genetic condition called 7p22.1 Microdeletion Syndrome.


Phillip Lomeo

March Hare

Phillip is overjoyed to return for his ninth show with Phamaly. Past credits include Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor DreamCoat, Cabaret, Evita, Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol, Pygmalion, Annie, Into the Woods, Phamaly’s 30th Anniversary Concert, and Chicago. Phillip would like to thank his family, friends, and patrons of Phamaly Theatre Company. Phillip lives with autism.


Vianca Marez

Turtle | Duchess Guest 

Vianca is 12 years old and has been with Phamaly for four years. She loves musicals and acting. She has performed in Annie, Into the Woods, and the 30th Anniversary Concert with Phamaly. She also played Grandma Josephine in her 1st grade production of Charlie in the Chocolate Factory with Kid Stage and played Yoda in a Star Wars Musical Workshop with the Mizel Theatre. She’d like to thank Regan Linton, her granny, Steve Wilson, and Debbie Stark. Vianca is totally blind.


Moira McConnell

White Rabbit 

Moira is so excited to be performing with Phamaly again. She was Molly in their production of Annie and was honored to be part of Phamaly’s 30th Anniversary Concert series. She has also participated in various talent shows and music theatre camps. Moira lives with ADHD, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder, hearing loss, and general anxiety disorder.


Beth Newsom 

Bird | Croquet Commentator 

Beth is originally from Colorado and is thrilled to be joining Phamaly for the first time. Beth’s education includes acting classes through the DCPA Education Department, an MPA from UCD, and a BA from Kenyon College. Thanks to Dave, Lori, and Mom for your love and support. Miss you, Dad. Beth has lived with probable MS for over 30 years.


Cody Ohlerking

French Mouse | King 

Cody has acted a good amount of his life, but this is his first show with Phamaly. Cody was home schooled, attended Colorado ACTS for many plays, and has taken acting classes at RRCC. “Thank you very much for this opportunity!” Cody lives with depression, social anxiety, a herniated disk, and Meniere’s disease.


Melissa Ottke 

Cook | Croquet Commentator 

Active with Phamaly since 2010, Melissa is thrilled to be in her third production. Previous performances include Romeo & Juliet – Friar Lawrence, Peacekeeper, Servant – and CoronaVox: Stories From The Front. By day, Melissa works as an ADA Case Manager. Like many others, the pandemic was challenging and brought many personal changes and challenges, but she thanks her mom, fellow Phamaly actor, Linda Wirth, as always, for her tremendous support and encouraging her to step out of the shadows for that first audition three years ago. Melissa lives with Essential Tremors, BDD, and is a stroke survivor.


Lance Pate 

Card 5 | Scenic Ninja 

Lance was born in Ohio. He works at a local Denver hospital and has his own business providing character entertainment for parties. He has been part of Phamaly for 6 years. He participated in drama classes while in school. Lance held roles in several theatre productions, including: Family Matters, Hairspray, and A Raisin in the Sun. He plays the trumpet, is an avid WWE wrestling fan, and participates and coaches at a local fencing club. Lance thanks his wonderful family and friends for their love, support and guidance. Lance lives with ADHD.


Laurice Quinn 


This is Laurice’s twelfth year with Phamaly. Laurice lives with complex partial seizures, degenerative joint disease, ADHD, and scoliosis.


Trenton Schindele 

Cheshire Cat (Tail) 

Trenton is thrilled to be joining Phamaly once again in Alice in Wonderland this year. Trenton has been a performer from a young age and it is his ninth year with Phamaly. He has previously performed in shows such as Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof, Cabaret, Into the Woods, and also performed with BETC Theatre Company in Going to a Place Where You Already Are, in 2018. Trenton thanks his wife, friends, family, and his "PH" family for all of their support and love over the years. Trenton lives with Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy.


Jada Shaw 

Crab | Croquet Commentator 

Jada is a 17-year-old graduate of Horizon High School. Her theatre classes include Theatre I, II and III, Film Study and Tech Theatre. Jada will attend Front Range Community College in the fall 2021. This is her acting debut with Phamaly. Jada is a competitive cheerleader with a Special Abilities team. The Cheer Central Suns Supernovas are a USASF 5 times World Champions and won Gold in 2019 as the ICU US National team in their division. Jada lives with Cerebral Palsy.


Madison Stout 

Frog Doorman 

Madison is excited to be a part of her second production with Phamaly. Previous roles include: The Waiter in Phamaly's first One Act Play Festival, Come to Your Senses, Grandma Sue in Falling, and Olive Ostrovsky in 25th Annual Putnam... She would like to that her amazing family for all their support and encouragement and is grateful for the many friends she has made through this opportunity. Madison is an above the knee amputee who lives with a prosthetic leg and an underdeveloped right arm as a result of VACTRL syndrome.


Daniel Traylor

Mad Hatter 

Daniel is ecstatic to finally be going down this rabbit hole with you after this stretch of downtime. A few of his favorite roles with PTC to date have been John Merrick in The Elephant Man, Millet in Fuddy Meers, Joseph in our remount of Joseph and the... Dreamcoat, Lumiere in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors, and Tom in The Glass Menagerie. He'd like to thank all the brilliant minds that came together for this production. Daniel lives with a hip malformation and a hearing impairment.


Matty Umbriaco 

Knave | Scenic Ninja 

Matty is originally from Denver and first took to the stage four years ago. He has been seen performing as Uncle Fester in The Addams Family, sang in Phamaly's 30th Anniversary Concert, and as Fox in the first production of Shut Up And Let Me Talk outside of Mexico. He'd like to thank his friends and family for the endless laughs and support. And his cat for just putting up with him. Matty lives with Dyzlexia, ADD, depression, and anxiety.


Madeleine Walsh

Card 1 | Scenic Ninja 

Madeleine is 29 years old and is acting in her second Phamaly production, her first being Where There’s Smoke in Come to Your Senses. She is currently taking classes at DCPA thanks to Phamaly, and is extremely excited to be doing her second of, hopefully, many shows with the company.  In her spare time, she likes to juggle, travel, and enjoy art of all kinds. Madeleine lives with a traumatic brain injury.


Maggie Whittum 


Maggie is thrilled to return to the Phamaly stage after A Midsummer Night's Dream (Puck), Into the Woods (Stepmother), Chicago (Hunyak), the Come To Your Senses Play Festival and CoronaVox: Stories From the Front! Maggie has directed and produced plays, musicals, and improv comedy across festivals and venues in Asia, North America, and Scotland. Maggie is creating 'The Great Now What,' a documentary film on disability, loss, and resilience. She is a graduate of Colorado College. “I dedicate this performance to the original Dodo, Lucy Roucis.” Maggie is a stroke survivor with facial paralysis, visual impairments, chronic pain, and a paralyzed vocal cord.