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T-Shirt Design Contest

Phamaly T-shirt Design Competition

Voting for the contest is now closed.

Congratulations to our first-ever t-shirt design contest winners!
1st Place: River Hetzel: "You Belong"
2nd Place: Elizabeth Bouchard: "The Future is Accessible"
3rd Place: Leandra Leavy: "You Are Loved"
River's design will be available on t-shirts and more beginning Monday, 12/18! Elizabeth and Leandra's designs are already available in the Phamaly shop as stickers. Visit our merch store and check them out! Thanks so much to all who voted and who participated-- we loved seeing your goregous work! There is so much talent in the Phamaly community!

Elizabeth Bouchard's Design. It reads, "The Future is Accessible." The text is layered on a heart that has disability pride colors.

Elizabeth Bouchard

River Hetzel's design. there are a group of diverse people in gender, race, and disability. One person is in a wheelchair and there is a service dog. Underneath it reads, "Be Anything. Phamaly Theatre Company."

River Hetzel

Sue Creer's design. It reads, "Dis-ABLE enabling YOU to aim higher."

Sue Creer

Leandra Leavy's design. It's a red heart with with black lettering that reads, "you are loved"

Leandra Leavy

Vineta Campau's design. A person is holding a crutch with a lightning bolt coming out of it. It reads, "It's not a crutch. It's power!"

Vienta Campau