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Become a Board Member

Board Service with Phamaly Theatre Company

Are you interested in making a difference in your community? Do you want to help lead Denver’s disability-affirmative theatre company?  Consider joining Phamaly’s Board of Directors!

Below, you will find information about board service with Phamaly, including expectations and the process of applying. We hope this information will help you determine if board service with Phamaly is right for you. Please reach out to Corinne Denny at with any questions.


Board Expectations

Each Phamaly board member is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

Attend Board Meetings

Phamaly Theatre Company holds four board meetings each year – one per quarter. The dates and times of the meetings will be provided at the beginning of each fiscal year. Because effective deliberations and decision-making requires collaboration and participation, board members are expected to attend each of the four meetings.

Prepare and Participate

Each board member will review all meeting materials in advance of board and committee meetings in order to participate productively in discussions. Board members agree to communicate forthrightly and respectfully, and to engage constructively.

Serve on a Committee

Phamaly Theatre Company has three standing committees: Executive Committee (comprised of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer), Marketing and Community Engagement Committee, and Development and Nominating Committee. Each board member is expected to serve on at least one standing committee. Standing committees meet monthly.

Attend Productions

Phamaly board members cannot be effective in their fiduciary responsibility if they do not understand and experience what the organization does. Ideally, board members will attend all or most of the organization’s productions each year. However, it is expected each board member will attend a minimum of one Phamaly production each year of service.


There are many ways in which Phamaly utilizes volunteers. While it is encouraged for board members to engage with the organization in whatever ways they feel will benefit both the organization and them personally, board members are not expected to volunteer beyond their capacity as members of the board.

Financial Commitment

Providing a financial commitment to Phamaly is a tangible demonstration of each board member’s commitment to the organization. It also allows board members to ask others to “join me” in supporting the organization. Each board member is expected to make a meaningful annual financial commitment to the organization (determined by each member), making Phamaly a top priority within their philanthropic giving.


Fundraising is a key responsibility of Phamaly’s Board of Directors. As an entity, the Board of Directors will work with the Managing Director and the Development and Nominating Committee to ensure the organization is raising the funds needed to sustain and grow the organization.


Board members are key ambassadors for the organization. As such, board members are expected to positively represent the organization in all public settings (including on social media), to speak effectively to others about the organization, and to introduce the organization to their networks as well as to individuals who have not had prior experience with Phamaly. Board members are expected to do all they can to promote Phamaly productions and fundraising opportunities.


Board Application Process

If you decide you would like to apply for a position with our Board of Directors, there is an application process, including an interview.  This process can take four to eight weeks, depending on scheduling.  Below is the general process and timeline:

  • Complete the enclosed application and return it to Phamaly Theatre Company’s office via email ( or mail (3532 Franklin Street, Suite T2, Denver, CO, 80205).
  • The Vice Chair and/or the Managing Director will review your application and may schedule a brief phone call to ask/answer any questions, if needed.
  • Members of the Board of Directors, including the Vice Chair and/or the Chair, as well as the Managing Director will meet with you in person or virtually.
  • The Committee will provide the Board of Directors with a recommendation, depending on the Board’s capacity and needs. The Board may invite you to attend a meeting prior to their vote on your election to the Board; however, this is not necessary.
  • You will be notified of the Board’s decision and will be invited to attend an orientation meeting with the Managing Director, Vice Chair and/or Chair.

Please contact Corinne Denny, Managing Director, at with any questions, to learn more about board service, and/or to request a board application.

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