photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news

Welcome Letter

A Note From The Managing Director

Welcome to Phamaly’s Big Night!

During this busy time of year, we greatly appreciate you spending an evening with us to celebrate 34 years of disability-affirmative theatre and raise funds for our exciting 35th season. In an industry with a reputation for excluding those with any sort of difference, Phamaly stands as an example to other companies, showing that creativity flourishes in inclusive spaces and disabilities can be an asset in expression.

As we transition into a “post” COVID world, donations from people like you are incredibly important. Ticket sales have not fully rebounded to pre-pandemic levels. Emergency grant funding is being phased out. Inflation has made everything cost more. Your support ensures Phamaly can continue its mission for another 35 years and empower another generation of disabled artists to share their amazing art with our community and the world.

Thank you, and enjoy PHAMALY’S BIG NIGHT!

Corinne Denny,
Managing Director