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CoronaVOX: Stories from the Front Partners

About each interviewee and our Partners

Thomas G. Allen (Denver Indian Center) is a Data Manager for the Honoring Fatherhood Program at the Denver Indian Center. He is a full blooded Native American (Sac and Fox, Northern Arapaho, Euchee), who has cultural knowledge and community connection here and throughout Indian Country. To support the Denver Indian Center, please like their facebook and instagram.

Kouen Kelly (PASCO) is a certified caregiver working with vulnerable individuals such as elderly and disabled clients in their homes.

Mireille Bahkos (International Rescue Committee) is a Psychosocial Support Specialist at the International Rescue Committee. She was born and raised in Lebanon during the civil war, moved to Dubai in 2004, then to the US in 2010. You can contact Mireille directly at

Emily Shupe Talley, MS, PA-C is a PA in family practice. She’s been with the same outpatient family medicine group for 13 years, but has decided to retire from family practice and switch to pediatrics, which is where she originally trained.

Lorrie A. Koskinski (Denver Office of Sign Language Services) is the director of the Denver Office of Sign Language Services which is housed within Human Rights & Community Partnerships, City & County of Denver. She is a nationally certified sign language interpreter with a specialty certificate in legal interpreting. You can also reach the Denver Office by emailing

Flora Newton has been working at Mod pizza full time for the past two years as a shift lead. She has also been working at King Soopers part time baking overnights. She’s been working both jobs since the pandemic started. Flora would like to thank the Transgender Center for the Rockies for all they did for her.

Jandel T. Allen-Davis, MD (Craig Hospital) is President and CEO of Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Allen-Davis is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and was in active practice for 25 years.

Brian M. Polovoy, MS, MSW, LCSW (UC Health Crisis Intervention) has been in the mental health field for 18 years working with all populations to increase their quality of life. He does cri sis intervention throughout CO in life and death situations as well as providing therapeutic support for employees. If you find yourself in crisis, the Colorado Crisis Line is (844) 493-8255.

Zoe Collins (The Initiative) serves as the Director of Communications and Outreach at The Initiative. Ms. Collins has personal experiences as a survivor, with chronic illness and other invisible disabilities, and as a proud member of the queer community. These identities have all greatly informed her approach to advocacy and activism. To contact the initiative you can call (303) 839-5510, text (720) 503-9580 or go online to The Initiative.

Kashundra Smith (The Initiative) serves as the Special Programs Direct Services Manager at The Initiative. She discovered her passion for Victim Advocacy while providing social and emotional support to a friend who fell victim to domestic violence and a sibling who was a victim of gun violence.To contact the initiative you can call (303) 839-5510, text (720) 503-9580 or go online to The Initiative.

William Taylor (East High School) has been a high school choir teacher at East High School for 29 years. Will Taylor is the head of the music department at East, and leads all of the choirs.