photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news

CoronaVOX: Stories from the Front Playbill

This program was made possible by support from Arts in Society

ATTENTION: This program contains adult language and some adult themes such as death, disease, physical injury, abuse, racism, drug use, and politics.

Production Credits

Head Writer: Edith Weiss
Directors: Robert Michael Sanders, Alicia "Lisa" Young, Sheila Traister
Stage Managers: Darion Ramos, Alex Romberg, Rihana President,
Designer: Kelley Russell
Filming: Denver Open Media, Brandon Stiller
Editing: Annie Jacobs
Audio Descriptions: Erin Banta

Emily Shupe Talley, Thomas G. Allen (Denver Indian Center), Kouen Kelly (PASCO), Mireille Bakhos (International Rescue Committee Denver), Jandel T. Allen-Davis (Craig Hospital), Flora Newton (MOD Pizza, King Soopers), Lorrie A. Koskinski (Denver Office of Sign Language Services), Brian M. Polovoy (UC Health Crisis Intervention), Zoe Collins (The Initiative), Kashundra Smith (The Initiative), William Taylor (East High School in DPS)

Artists: Jessica Goody, Maria Ciobanu, Maggie Whittum, Apollo Blue, Daniel Traylor, Donna Gunnison, Melissa Ottke, Lisa Gough, Trenton Schindele, Cristelle Keju, Sonya Rio-Glick, Tracy Alverson, Don Gabenski, Kevin Pettit, Zachary Garcia, Maryann Migliorelli, Tammy Kik, Matty Umbriaco, Sonshine Williams, Gregg Vigil, Adam Johnson, Paul Migliorelli, Jordan Kaplan, Jerry Krim, Lucy Roucis, James Sherman, Joy Carletti, Amanda Rhodes, Jamie Rizzo, Andrew Small, Alyssa Youmans, Alicia "Lisa" Young

Show Order

Ask the Doctor
Game Show with 3 guests who have different beliefs
Written by: Apollo Blue and Maggie Whittum
Inspired by interview with Emily Shupe Talley, MS, PA-C
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Maggie Whittum as Emily
  • Melissa Ottke as Doctor
  • Apollo Blue as Buddy McBuddie
  • Daniel Traylor as Freddie McBuddie
  • Lisa Gough as Samantha Wright
  • Trenton Schindele as Brandon DuBoyd

Tale of Two Pandemics
A man from 2020 has a conversation with a 14th century plague victim
Written by: Jordan Kaplan
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Amanda Rhodes as Meg
  • Andrew Small as Dylan

Rum Cake is My Friend
Flora tapes herself making rum cake for her Youtube channel
Written by: Sonya Rio-Glick
Inspired by interview with Flora Newton
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Marcelina Ramirez as Flora Newton

Mireille’s Intro
Introduction of our interviewee Mireille Bahkos with IRC
Written by: Apollo Blue
Inspired by interview with Mireille Bahkos with IRC
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Lisa Gough as Narrator

The Wait
Three refugees wait to get to America
Written by: Trenton Schindele
Inspired by interview with Mireille Bahkos with IRC
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Alicia "Lisa" Young as Woman
  • James Sherman as Man
  • Lisa Gough as Person
  • Apollo Blue as Bus Driver

Picking up the Pieces
How work has changed as a social worker during the pandemic
Written by: James Sherman and Edith Weiss
Inspired by the interview with Brian Polovoy, MS, MSW, LCSW
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • James Sherman as COVID-19 patient
  • Jamie Rizzo as Brian

Who Will Be Remembered?
Introduction of our interviewee Thomas G. Allen with Denver Indian Center
Written by: Maggie Whittum in collaboration with Robert Michael Sanders
Inspired by interview with Thomas G. Allen with Denver Indian Center
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Thomas G. Allen as himself

Thomas’ Piece
Written by: Daniel Traylor
Inspired by interview with Thomas G. Allen with Denver Indian Center
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Maggie Whittum as Narrator

Echo Chamber
Infomercial for the Echo Chamber APP. Very often people are subject to negative or untruthful feedback in their lives. The echo chamber promises to give the user feedback that they would want to hear from family, friends, and colleagues.
Written by: James Sherman in collaboration with Sheila Ivy Traister
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Amanda Rhodes as Person 1
  • Alyssa Youmans as Person 2
  • Jamie Rizzo as Person 3
  • Andrew Small as Person 4
  • James Sherman as Purchaser
  • Jordan Kaplan as Announcer

Two High Guys
Stoner from the future visits and warns his 2016 past stoner self
Written by: Trenton Schindele
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Daniel Traylor as Older Stoner
  • Trenton Schindele as Young Stoner

Notes on an Epidemic
Poem about the pandemic
Written by: Jessica Goody
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Read by Cristelle Keju

Hi Lorrie, This is God
Lorrie has an unexpected conversation with God
Written by: Sonya Rio-Glick
Inspired by the interview with Lorrie A. Koskinski, Director/Interpreter at Denver Office of Sign Language Services
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Maryann Migliorelli as Lorrie
  • Paul Migliorelli as the voice of God

Zoe and Kashundra Intro 
introduction of our interviewees Zoe Collins and Kashundra Smith with The Initiative
Written by: Joy Carletti
Inspired by the interview with Zoe Collins and Kashundra Smith with The Initiative
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Andrew Small

As I Sat Listening
A reaction to the interview with Zoe and Kashundra with The Initiative
Written by: Jordan Kaplan
Inspired by the interview with Zoe Collins and Kashundra Smith with The Initiative
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Jordan Kaplan as Jo
  • Amanda Rhodes as Survivor of Domestic Violence
  • Alyssa Youmans as Survivor of Domestic Violence

Suspended in Time Capsule
A time capsule with pandemic and COVID-19 related items
Written by: Tracy Alverson
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Matthew Umbriaco as Mime
  • Zachary Garcia as Mime
  • Donald Gabenski, Kevin Pettit, Maryann Migliorelli, Tammy Kik, Sonshine Williams, Gregg Vigil, Adam Johnson, Paul Migliorelli, Marcelina Ramirez, Lisa Young, Darion Ramos

Dear 2019
correspondence between 2019 and Representative of Humanity
Written by: Maria Ciobanu
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Cristelle Keju as Representative of Humanity
  • Melissa Ottke as 2019

Search in Still-ness
the story of Tyler and his mom, who became his caregiver
Written by: Daniel Traylor
Inspired by interview with Kouen T. Kelly, caregiver at PASCO
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Daniel Traylor as Narrator

Poopy and Grin
A hard day at the hospital as related to puppets
Written by: Tracy Alverson
Inspired by interview with Jandel T. Allen-Davis, MD
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Laurice Quinn as Jandel T. Allen-Davis
  • Gregg Vigil as voice of Poopy
  • Paul Migliorelli as voice of Grin

The Masked Dancer
A take off on the Lone Ranger. A Masked man freely dispenses vaccines and covid tests to surprised strangers
Written by: Edith Weiss and Tammy Kik
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Kevin Pettit as Narrator
  • Matthew Umbriaco as Masked Dancer
  • Sonshine Williams as Person A
  • Adam Johnson as Person B

F*ck the COVID
Parody of Rock the Casbah by The Clash
Written by: Donald Gabenski
Directed by Alicia "Lisa" Young

  • Donald Gabenski as Singer
  • Sonshine Williams as Jem Doll

The Big Quiet
How the pandemic affected Donna
Written by: Donna Gunnison
Directed by Robert Michael Sanders

  • Donna Gunnison as herself

Yo, it’s the Corona
The coronavirus personified on vacation
Written by: Edith Weiss
Inspired by the interview with William Taylor, teacher at East High School
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Jordan Kaplan as Coronavirus A
  • Andrew Small as Coronavirus B
  • Jamie Rizzo as Coronavirus D
  • Alyssa Youmans as Coronavirus E

Reflections, Interrupted!
A meeting held by a theatre company who is trying to discuss how to adapt to the pandemic, but keep getting derailed by zoom troubles
Written by: Kevin Pettit and Alicia "Lisa" Young
Directed by "Lisa" Young

  • Gregg Vigil as Artistic Director
  • Sonshine Williams as Producer
  • Matthew Umbriaco as Partner
  • Kevin Pettit as Actor 1
  • Adam Johnson as Actor 2
  • Tammy Kik as Writer 1
  • Zachary Garcia as Writer 2

Lucy in the Litterbox
Written by: Lucy Roucis
Reimagined by: Edith Weiss, Regan Linton, POD C writers, and Sheila Ivy Traister
Directed by Sheila Ivy Traister

  • Regan Linton, Gregg Vigil, Daniel Traylor, James Sherman, Jordan Kaplan, Andrew Small, Amanda Rhodes


Head Writer Note:

It's a special day when you get to work with over 20 writers. Collaborating, pushing back, challenging each other to make this show the best it could be. It was written to honor the front line workers we interviewed; and it had to be written for virtual performance. But more than that, in a world connected by a pandemic, we searched for the humor and the heart in all of us. That's writing in the time of Quarantine. I am so proud of these writers, and thank them, and our interviewees, from the bottom of my heart. And thank you Phamaly for continuing to do work like no one else could.

Edith Weiss


Directors’ Notes:


2020 took its toll on people to be sure. We lost so much.

But creative people find a way to create. Phamaly Theatre came up with an idea to interview people that endured this pandemic and write down their thoughts, feelings, experiences. All kinds of people with so many different stories.

The project was organic in nature and we didn’t always know what we had, but we knew we had to tell these stories. We assembled a huge team of artists to come together and find a way to connect again.  After all, that may have been what we missed most, connection with each other. Just listening and experiencing a human moment of emotion and understanding.  CoronaVox gave us another way back.  It has been a true pleasure to get to create again with many familiar faces, and some new ones.

As a director, I come to the table with a vision and a concept.  This time I got to leave with more than I brought.

I am grateful for all I have learned over the last months.

Robert Michael Sanders


In a time of pandemic, when the theatres were closed, artists were immobilized by fear of a microscopic entity, the Corona virus known as Covid-19. People got sick, many died as government officials gave faulty information. Retails stores, restaurants, and bars were closed. But Phamaly saw an opportunity to shine a light through this darkest hour in our history.  With virtual rehearsals, masked and distanced acting, everything that is counterintuitive to our usual process, we banded together. We overcame our fears, we laughed in our little screens, learned new technologies and techniques as we sought humanity in each other and we dug in to find our passion again, to tell stories.  I am grateful for this opportunity to tell these stories and for every human it touches.  Eternally proud of the actors, the staff. Thankful for my family and to the community members who gave us their experiences.

Lisa Young


The unexpected has become the new normal. Whether it's Covid-19 related, social injustice, isolation and the loss of loved ones, from day to day the only thing we can count on is uncertainty.  And so it was for Pod C and CoronaVox.  At the start of our journey we had twelve dedicated writers and actors ready to roll up their sleeves to tackle the stories of front-line workers who do the same in service to others every day of their lives.  Then along the way we lost 5 from our team both writers and actors due to illness or related duress.  Among them was our beloved Lucy Roucis whose glorious life was taken too soon from our family at Phamaly and the community who'd grown to love her.  In the wake of these challenges six amazing actors,  Amanda Rhodes, Andrew Small, Alyssa Youmans, James Sherman, Jamie Rizzo and Jordan Kaplan stepped up and took on extra roles and lines to bring the stories of Pod C to light.  And so, it's with the utmost respect and gratitude that I tip my hat to the writers of Pod C and these dedicated actors who went above and beyond to make sure the show went on!

Sheila Ivy Traister

Our Partners

Thomas G. Allen (Denver Indian Center) is a Data Manager for the Honoring Fatherhood Program at the Denver Indian Center. He is a full blooded Native American (Sac and Fox, Northern Arapaho, Euchee), who has cultural knowledge and community connection here and throughout Indian Country. To support the Denver Indian Center, please like their facebook and instagram.

Kouen Kelly (PASCO) is a certified caregiver working with vulnerable individuals such as elderly and disabled clients in their homes.

Mireille Bahkos (International Rescue Committee) is a Psychosocial Support Specialist at the International Rescue Committee. She was born and raised in Lebanon during the civil war, moved to Dubai in 2004, then to the US in 2010. You can contact Mireille directly at

Emily Shupe Talley, MS, PA-C is a PA in family practice. She’s been with the same outpatient family medicine group for 13 years, but has decided to retire from family practice and switch to pediatrics, which is where she originally trained.

Lorrie A. Koskinski (Denver Office of Sign Language Services) is the director of the Denver Office of Sign Language Services which is housed within Human Rights & Community Partnerships, City & County of Denver. She is a nationally certified sign language interpreter with a specialty certificate in legal interpreting. You can also reach the Denver Office by emailing

Flora Newton has been working at Mod pizza full time for the past two years as a shift lead. She has also been working at King Soopers part time baking overnights. She’s been working both jobs since the pandemic started. Flora would like to thank the Transgender Center for the Rockies for all they did for her.

Jandel T. Allen-Davis, MD (Craig Hospital) is President and CEO of Craig Hospital in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Allen-Davis is board certified in obstetrics and gynecology and was in active practice for 25 years.

Brian M. Polovoy, MS, MSW, LCSW (UC Health Crisis Intervention) has been in the mental health field for 18 years working with all populations to increase their quality of life. He does crisis intervention throughout CO in life and death situations as well as providing therapeutic support for employees. If you find yourself in crisis, the Colorado Crisis Line is (844) 493-8255.

Zoe Collins (The Initiative) serves as the Director of Communications and Outreach at The Initiative. Ms. Collins has personal experiences as a survivor, with chronic illness and other invisible disabilities, and as a proud member of the queer community. These identities have all greatly informed her approach to advocacy and activism. To contact the initiative you can call (303) 839-5510, text (720) 503-9580 or go online to The Initiative.

Kashundra Smith (The Initiative) serves as the Special Programs Direct Services Manager at The Initiative. She discovered her passion for Victim Advocacy while providing social and emotional support to a friend who fell victim to domestic violence and a sibling who was a victim of gun violence.To contact the initiative you can call (303) 839-5510, text (720) 503-9580 or go online to The Initiative.

William Taylor (East High School) has been a high school choir teacher at East High School for 29 years. Will Taylor is the head of the music department at East, and leads all of the choirs.

Production Team Bios

Alex Romberg (POD B Stage Manager) couldn't be more thrilled to be joining CoronaVox, this being her first show with Phamaly. She moved back to her home state Colorado three years ago after completing her MFA in Directing from East 15 Acting School in London and sound designing and engineering in Chicago. It has been an honor since then to work with refugees through the arts with organizations like Roshni-Step Into the Light and International Rescue Committee. Alex lives with anxiety and depression disorders. Eternal thanks go out to her supportive family!

Alicia "Lisa" Young, she/her (POD B Director) is an "actorvist", director, teacher, and stroke survivor. Directing credits: Reach (Misfits Theater), They Were Mine Before (Outbreak Project Pandemic Collective), Malcolm (#enough: plays to end gun violence), A Raisin in the Sun (Emancipation Theater Company), Being Here: Monologues Project (Betsy Stage actor/director). Upcoming work: Recipe 2: Virtual, Sojourners: Moving Black Bodies. In addition to working with theaters all across the Front Range, she is the founder of the grassroots organization IDEAs and on the Colorado Theater Guild board. She teaches drama at Boston P-8, Aurora Public Schools. Ancestral dedications are Ida Gice Smith, Emma Carter Gice, Ida Taylor Carter, Emma Christmas Taylor, and Angeline Christmas.

Darion Ramos (POD A Stage Manager) is the Company Production Manager and has been with Phamaly for 5 years in various capacities. She was the production stage manager for Come to Your Senses. Her previous stage management credits at Phamaly include: James and the Giant Peach, Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol, Pygmalion, Romeo & Juliet, Harvey, Morph Masters, the 30th Anniversary Concert, Chicago, and HONK!. She has also worked at Colorado Shakespeare Festival and The Lake Dillon Theatre Company as an assistant stage manager. She lives with major depression and anxiety.

Edith Weiss (Head Writer) was the head writer and director for seven Vox Phamalias -from "Tales from the Crips" to "Pity Pity Bang Bang."  Her short plays have been featured in theater competitions around the country.  She has had over 30 plays - plays for young audiences, funny murder mysteries, adaptations of classics -published by 6 different publishers.  Since the pandemic, she is using her comedic writing skills creating short and funny "podplays" for the gardening podcast "Upside Down Tulips", which won best new Colorado podcast of 2020.

Kelley Russell (Designer) is wrapping up their Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in Applied Theatre Technology and Design at Metropolitan State University. They partnered with Phamaly on CoronaVox as a props and costume intern. Kelley considers theatre one of their passions, along with astronomy, cosmology, and education. They have always been strongly drawn to the technical aspects of theatre including the areas of carpentry, rigging, and most recently costuming as learning how to sew.

Rihana President (POD C Stage Manager) is a Brown alum with a background in theatre and film, this process has been one that has melded these worlds to honor a handful of the many perspectives on the current pandemic. She values Phamaly’s blending of inclusion and universality and looks forward to discovering more ways to create art in the near future.

Robert Michael Sanders (POD A Director) has been part of the theatre community for the last 20 years after coming off the road as a touring musician with multiple groups. He has 5 albums to his credit as well as multiple acting and directing awards. He has been a Phamaly member since 2013 and has performed in The Fantasticks, Pygmalion, and Chicago. Robert has worked full time in the industry as a director, instructor, producer, musician and actor.  He is currently the COO of Town Hall Arts Center and lives with a spinal cord injury. Robert is grateful for the chance to direct this unique show with all the wonderful performers and staff of Phamaly. We created art because art always finds a way.

Sheila Ivy Traister (POD C Director) is a critically acclaimed director and award-winning actress with 39 years as a director, actor, writer and educator in film, television and theatre.  CoronaVox is Sheila’s third directing project with Phamaly.  She previously directed, Where There’s Smoke for "Come to Your SENSES", and most recently, Ellis Island: The Dream of America with DYAO.  She loves the fact that CoronaVox brings her passion for film, theatre and the Phamaly community together in one program.

Cast and Writer Bios

Adam Johnson (POD B actor) is thrilled to be in another Phamaly production! Adam is graduate of UC Boulder. He studied voice with Jenna Bainbridge. Adam serves on the Boulder International Fringe Festival Board. Thank you to his family and Phamaly for the love and support. Thank you to God. Adam lives with Cerebral Palsy and is a disability rights advocate.

Alyssa Youmans (POD C actor) is excited to participate in Phamaly for the first time. She has performed with Magic Moments for 9 years. She was born with an illness called Tuberous Sclerosis, it causes tumors on the major organs of your body. She also has seizures. She doesn't let it stop her though.

Amanda Rhodes (POD C writer/actor)​ is elated to be a part of CoronaVox and working with the Phamaly Theatre Company. Most recently seen in ​Boulder Film Festival​ (live as Jellylorum), ​Pan and Boone (Pan). At Denver Center Education: ​Savage in Limbo (April White) Lafayette Theater Company: Hair ​ (Soprano 1 Ensemble). She loves this community and is so excited to see the beauty that comes from these beautiful collaborations. She thanks everyone who has believed in her along the journey.

Andrew Small (POD C actor) is an actor from Denver, Colorado. Andrew studied acting and performance at CU Boulder where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A 2000). Acting since the age of 5; he has had the pleasure of performing with the Philadelphia Shakespeare Company and the Peterborough Players, in Peterborough, NH. By day, Andrew works with K-12 students as an Assistant - Speech Language Pathologist.

Apollo Blue (POD A writer/actor) is a student at Front Range Community College. He has been with Phamaly since 2018. He played Benvolio Romeo and Juliet and Tiny Tim in the Rewrite webseries. He is thrilled to be working with them again. He has been acting since he was a young child. He would like to thank his family and his best friend Lex. Apollo is a survivor of the rare childhood cancer, Ewings Sarcoma and an above knee amputee.

Cristelle Keju (POD A actor) was born in the Marshall Islands and moved to Colorado in 2019. This is her second production with Phamaly. She played Lori in Rewrite: Bible Episode in 2020. She recently graduated from Noel Community Art School. She’d like to thank her aunt and uncle for providing her a home in Colorado. She is blind and hard-of-hearing.

Daniel Traylor (POD A writer/actor) is exceptionally joyous to have finally gotten up the nerve to join the ranks of writers that have graced the Vox stage. From favorite roles such as one of the Emcee's in Cabaret, John Merrick in The Elephant Man, and Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, onto assistant directing Chicago and directing The Bad One in PTC's collaborative project Come To Your Senses, and now onto this! He would like to thank his mentor Patrick Elkins-Zeglarski, Regan Linton for her boundless creativity, the staff at PTC for providing a creative outlet during this outbreak, and Edith Weiss for the constructive criticism and challenging him to keep writing. Thank you for supporting theatre, and enjoy.

Donald Gabenski (POD B actor) is very happy to be performing again even if it is in the virtual world.  After surviving two surgeries, a near death experience and a brush with COVID, he really does appreciate the time that he has with family and friends. His performance is dedicated to all who have dealt with COVID and continue to live through this difficult time.

Donna Gunnison (POD A writer/actor) is happy to have had the privilege to be included in such a major undertaking. At first, she thought she was in over her head with this project. However, with the kind words and gentle manner of each individual, she was able to go for it. Many thanks go to the following individuals who helped me with this project. Edith Weiss, my sister Linda Gunnison, Sarah, Darion, Regan, Robert Michael, and my sister Terry for transporting to and from the Denver Open Media Center. Thank-you once again.

Gregg Vigil (POD B actor) is a Phamaly founder, joined the disability community in 1960, after contracting Poliomyelitis at age 2 1/2.  Over the next ten years, he would undergo three surgeries, including a spinal fusion for his scoliosis and years of physical and occupational therapy. In junior high school, Gregg discovered his passion for theatre after landing the role of the Artful Dodger in the school’s first staged musical Oliver!, the following years Gregg was a member of a Barber Shop Quartet in The Music Man, followed by Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls, and in his senior year, Emile De Becque in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s South Pacific.

James Sherman (POD C writer/actor) is excited to be back with Phamaly after four years. An Air Force veteran, James has been performing in live theatre for the past 25 years. If you’ve been a fan of Phamaly over the past few years, you may have seen James in previous Vox productions, Fuddy Meers, and various musicals. James would love to thank you for supporting live theatre. James lives with Charcot-Marie-Tooth and burn pit related illnesses from his time in the military.

Jamie Rizzo (POD C actor) originally hails from Rochester New York. Jamie is excited to perform in his second production with Phamaly Theater Company! You might recognize him from his debut role as Gabriel in Rewrite webseries. Jamie has been a part of PTC since 2014, taking various classes after moving to Denver in 2013. He loves karaoke and hanging out with friends and family. He would like to thank God and everyone who supports him. He was born with Spina Bifida.

Jerry Krim (POD C writer) is exhilarated to be writing for Phamaly’s CoronaVox after acting in Ellis Island, the 30th   Anniversary Concert, and Annie. Jerry has created stories for a long time, and is eager to share   them with Phamaly. He would like to express his endless gratitude to Jenna   Bainbridge (voice, acting), Daniel Traylor (acting), Jeremy Palmer (screenwriting), and Margaret Gutierrez (violin). Jerry has allergies, anxiety, ADHD and Central Auditory Processing Disorder;

Jessica Goody (POD A writer) is the award-winning author of Defense Mechanisms (Phosphene Publishing) and Phoenix: Transformation Poems (CW Books). Her writing has appeared in various publications, and the many aspects of living with disabilities are frequently explored in her work. A fifth-generation New Yorker, she currently lives in Bluffton, South Carolina. Jessica made her Phamaly Theatre debut last year during their Play Salon Series, portraying Harper in Angels in America and Bianca in Othello. From 2014-2019 she was the publicist for the Sun City Community Theatre. Elsewhere, she has appeared in The Wizard of Oz, Les Belles Soeurs, and Inherit the Wind. Disability: Cerebral Palsy.

Jordan Kaplan (POD C writer/actor) has been with Phamaly for several years as an actor, writer backstage volunteer, and served as dramaturg for Chicago. She was also the dramaturg for the PACE Center's Newsies. Her most recent role with Phamaly was in the short play festival Come to Your Senses. She lives with Depression, Anxiety, Non-Verbal Learning Disorder, and ADHD. Currently, Jordan is a student at Metropolitan State University, where she is studying theatre, history, and writing.

Joy Carletti (POD C writer) is excited to be joining Phamaly for her third show (and sixth Phamaly project!) Her passion is storytelling so outside of scripted theater, she produces WRITE CLUB Denver and focuses on narrative improv. Joy is the director and founder of Streaky Bacon Improv, which has still managed to perform online throughout the pandemic! She would like to thank her amazing husband Colin for his support. Joy has juvenile myoclonic epilepsy,

Kevin Pettit (POD B writer/actor) was born and raised in the mountains near Boulder. He studied and taught physics at Carleton College and studied theology at the Iliff School of Theology. He is a Disability Inclusion Associate for the United Church of Christ ( and runs the interfaith not-for-profit organization Faith4All. Kevin has sung and acted since childhood in school, at the Boulder’s Dinner Theater, and he has performed with Phamaly since 2005.

Lisa Marie Gough (POD A actor) is thrilled to be back with Phamaly after 2020. CoronaVox is her 6th production with Phamaly. She has been in Annie, Vox Under Construction, Phamaly’s 30th Anniversary Concert, Chicago, and Come To Your Senses. Lisa Marie is drawn to creative pursuits, nature, and random act of kindness. She is thankful for all of the support and acceptance of all involved in Phamaly Theatre Company. Lisa Marie lives with a traumatic brain injury/TBI and complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ C-PTSD.

From Lucy Roucis: “Lucy Roucis (POD C writer/actor) is a 28-year veteran member of PTC. Her love of acting and writing has not been halted because of her worsening Parkinson’s disease, thanks to PTC. And love is what it is all about, right?"

Maggie Whittum (POD A writer/actor) is thrilled to return to the Phamaly stage after A Midsummer Night's Dream, Into the Woods, Chicago and the Come To Your Senses Play Festival! Maggie has directed and produced live theatre across festivals and venues in Asia, North America, and Scotland. She is creating 'The Great Now What', a documentary film on disability, loss and resilience. Maggie is a stroke survivor with facial paralysis, visual impairments, and chronic pain.

Marcelina "Lina" Ramirez, she/her (POD B actor) is a Colorado Springs based actress, activist, published poet, survivor, ulcerative colitis plagued comedian, pie maker and dog mom. This is Marcelina's second production with Phamaly and she is thrilled to be bringing this story to life. Marcelina has worked with numerous companies such as Theatreworks, The Milibo, Aurora Fox, Evergreen Players, Inspire Creative, Su Teatro, and many more. Marcelina most recently lent her voice to the radio play "To Slay A Dragon" with the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center which can be found on spotify. Marcelina wants to dedicate this performance to everyone who was born and raised in Colorado who call themselves "Natives". She would like to remind them that as a member of the Mescalero/Pueblo Nation as well as being half ChicanX, she is a Native and they are locals and that it is in no way the same. Enjoy the show!

Maria Ciobanu (POD A writer) Maria is thrilled to be joining CoronaVox as a writer after taking part in shows such as James and the Giant Peach, Annie, and Ellis Island with Phamaly,. She is deeply grateful to her mentors Jenna Bainbridge (voice, acting), Margaret Gutierrez (violin), and Daniel Traylor   (acting). Maria is currently a first year student attending Bard College at Simon’s Rock. She has   ADHD and Central Auditory Processing Disorder;

Maryann Migliorelli (POD B writer/actor) has been a proud member of Phamaly for more than 10 years. She’s taken part in DisLabeled, Fiddler on the Roof, Romeo and Juliet, and Disability Etiquette web series. In her non-theatre time, Maryann works as a non-employment insurance specialist. She enjoys advocating the rights for disabled people especially the blind. She would like to thank all of the interviewees who by living and sharing their stories have helped us create amazing art. Maryann is totally blind

Matty Umbriaco (POD B actor) is a from Denver and is thrilled to be back working with Phamaly. He has been seen on stage all across town in "The Odd Couple," "Come To Your Senses," and "Shut Up And Let Me Talk." But in these difficult times he can mostly be seen in his apartment trying to paint. He thanks his wonderful friends and family for their continued support, Phamaly for offering so many opportunities, and his cat.

 Melissa Ottke (POD A actor) is thrilled to be part of her second show with Phamaly. She previously performed in Phamaly's 2018 staged workshop of Romeo & Juliet. Melissa has been a dedicated Phamaly volunteer for the last 10 years. Melissa's day job involves managing medical leaves and assisting with return to work accommodations and restrictions under the Americans with Disabilities Act. She would like to thank her mother and fellow actor Linda Wirth, for her love, support, and encouragement in rejoining the stage life. Melissa lives with essential tremors, depression, body dysmorphic disorder, and migraines from a 2018 ischemic stroke.

Paul Migliorelli (POD B actor) has been with Phamaly since 2009, participating in various Phamaly Voxes and DisLabeled. From 1990 thru 1995, he was a part of interactive education theatre programs with Theatre in Motion and Very Special Arts New York. He’s blind since birth, onset hearing loss since age 10, and he’s a Bilateral Cochlear Implant recipient.

Sonshine Darkling (POD B actor) has a bachelor’s degree in vocal music performance from MSU. She has been performing since she was in 4th grade. She has performed musicals, operas and chorally with Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, Inspire Creative, Magic Moments Inc, Boulder Opera, St Thomas Episcopal Church, and several other theatre companies around Denver. She has also performed with Opera North and The Wyndham Theatre Company in New Hampshire. She is excited to make her debut working with Phamaly Theatre Company!

Sonya Rio-Glick (POD B writer) is a queer and disabled artist from Albany, NY. She holds a Bachelor’s in Arts Management from Purchase College, SUNY, where she choreographed and produced This Body’s Heart, a dance production depicting her experiences with Cerebral Palsy. Sonya has worked with Phamaly in a variety of capacities since interning in 2016, and is overjoyed to return with CoronaVox. See more of her work at

Tammy Kik (POD B writer/actor) is the 4th child of 6 kids. She was born in Michigan, where she lived for 30 years. She attended Western High School then attended Grand Rapids Junior College. She received her Associates Degree. She was involved in a catastrophic car accident while attending Grand Valley State University where she received a traumatic brain injury and massive stroke in 1994. She would like to thank and recognize her 2 supporting sisters.

Tracy Alverson (POD B writer) is a resident of Aurora, CO and is a Claims Consultant for Lockton. She is a long-time PTC devotee and first-time production writer. Tracy would like to express appreciation for the support and encouragement of family and friends. Special thanks to Edith Weiss and Alex Romberg for their guidance, organization and inspiration. It has been an honor to work with the amazing Phamaly troupe. Tracy is a below-the-knee amputee.

Trenton Schindele (POD A writer/actor) is thrilled to be creating once again with Phamaly. Trenton has been a performer in Colorado since he was very young. He’s been with Phamaly for nearly ten years and recently performed in Chicago as Fred Casely. He has performed with Boulder's BETC in Going to a Place Where You Already Are. Trenton thanks his friends and family for always supporting him through hard times and in his acting career. Trenton lives with Cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, sensory disorder, hearing impaired.

 Zachary Garcia (POD B actor) is from Denver, Colorado and is currently attending Metropolitan State University of Denver to study American Sign Language. Zachary has been a part of Phamaly for 2 years, performing in the 30th Anniversary Concert. Zachary auditioned for Phamaly twice before getting the amazing chance to be a part of the 30th Anniversary Concert. Zach loves to make beats on his laptop and spend time with his family and friends, for which he is very thankful for their love and support. Disability: Autism.