Phamaly Theatre Company


Currently we have no auditions scheduled.

We are currently casting for a project this fall and are taking applications to be part of the process.

Phamaly is seeking participants for its spring 2020 program, CoronaVox: Stories from the Front. CoronaVox will be in the style of Phamaly’s past “Vox Phamalia” programs. Program participants will work to create original theatrical pieces based on the stories of diverse, real-life community members and their unique experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will have the opportunity to write and/or perform, bringing the stories of these community members to life with vitality, respect, humor, and heart.

CoronaVox will be divided into the following sections:
Part 1: Interviews – JANUARY 2021:
CoronaVox writers will interview members of the community who represent a wide spectrum of identities, with a focus on essential workers (teachers, social workers, emergency responders, doctors, nonprofit workers, etc). Writers will conduct virtual group interviews with the community members for approximately 2 hours to learn about them, their stories, and the unique impact of COVID-19 on their lives.
Part 2: Writing – FEBRUARY 2021:
With the support of a Lead Writer, CoronaVox writers will craft scripts of performance pieces based on the interview subjects. The performance pieces can be monologues, songs, poems, scenes, or other formats that the writers feel will best represent and communicate the community member’s story with respect and creativity.
Part 3: Staging – MARCH-APRIL 2021:
Project performers will work with directors to bring the written pieces to life over the course of 2 weeks. At the end of the 2 weeks, each performance piece will be filmed individually.
Part 4: Presentation – MAY 2021:
Currently, Phamaly plans to share all of the final pieces virtually so they can be accessed widely and safely. Depending on the COVID situation in May/June 2021 at the end of the project, there is a possibility of a live or hybrid presentation of the final pieces.

The majority of the CoronaVox activities will be conducted virtually (including interviews and writing), with limited in-person performer rehearsals and filming. In-person activities will be scheduled in accordance with COVID safety protocols.

Artists with disabilities of all ages who are interested in writing and performing. No audition necessary. Interested participants can indicate whether they would prefer to write, perform, or both. Final designation of participants as writers, performers, or both will depend on participant response. Phamaly will do its best to accommodate all preferences.

Artists from outside Denver are welcome to sign up as writers.
Artists interested in performing must be local to the Denver area.
American Sign Language can be provided for interested writers or performers.

CoronaVox sign-up deadline: December 18th, 2020

The sign up form can be found here.