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Welcome Letter

A Note from Phamaly’s Leaders

Welcome to Phamaly’s Indescribable, A Co-Production with The Silhouettes-- America’s Premier Shadow Dance Company!

When society thinks about dance, it’s often thought to be an artform that is not for every body, and particularly, not for disabled bodies. As Phamaly is about to embark on its 35th anniversary year, we are excited to share our first-ever full-length dance production.

We are proud to partner with The Silhouettes, Runners-up on America’s Got Talent, to create this opportunity for our companies to learn from one another to make the most inclusive and professional dance production possible.

On a different note, we hope you take this moment to enjoy the magic and whimsy that Indescribable has to offer. While darkness still feels ever present in the world today, we hope that molding some of that darkness into shadows dancing as sea creatures will help us all feel a little lighter and brighter.

We encourage you to embrace both the art and the silliness you’ll experience in the show, and take it home with you.

Thank you for an incredible 2023 season; we can’t wait to see you in 2024!


Corinne Denny, Managing Director & Music Director

Ben Raanan, Artistic Director