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Join Phamaly’s Monthly Donor Program

Become a Phamaly Member as a Monthly Donor!

As a monthly donor, you will help sustain and strengthen Phamaly's future by providing reliable and regular support.


Reasons to become a Phamaly Member:

  • Sustainability: Ensure Phamaly can continue its programming year after year.
  • Value: Demonstrate a commitment to the importance and value Phamaly brings to our community.
  • Convenience: Your support continues each month without the need to renew.
  • Easier on Your Budget: Contribute a set amount each month.
  • Flexibility: Easily change or stop your participation at any time.
  • Community: Join fellow members at the opportunities below!


Membership Benefits:

LEVEL AMOUNT PERKS (Starting in 2024)


·       Merch bundle for starting a membership + 25% off merch code

·       2 seats for Invited Dress Performances (must be reserved)

·       Invitation to the Phamaly Reunion Holiday Party

·       Annual thank you card

·       Recognition in online show programs on Phamaly’s website

·       Bridge Program Access

Silver $50-$99 Everything from Bronze plus:

·       Early bird premium seating ticket buying options

·       15% off show tickets coupon code (all venues but DCPA)

Gold $100-$199 Everything from Silver plus:

·       30% off show tickets coupon code (all venues but DCPA)

·       2 tickets to opening night performances (must be reserved. all venues but DCPA)

Encore $200+ Everything from Gold plus:

·       4 tickets to opening night performances (must be reserved at all venues but DCPA)

·       Recognition in the printed program and social media

·       Priority invite to special events

·       Signed Posters

Phamaly's Phamaly Member Logo. In big bubble letters, in black and outlined in yellow, it reads, "Phamaly Member." In the center are two opposite facing wheelchairs. In the wheel of the wheelchairs are tragedy/comedy theatre masks. There is a yellow background with the logo placed in circular fashion on it. There are little yellow triangles outside the circle that make it appear to be a sun or sunflower.
A photo of folks in front of the step and repeat at Phamaly's BIG NIGHT Cabaret Fundraiser in 2023
Twanna and Mark at the Fundraiser in 2023
Founder Kathleen posing at the fundriaser
Interns Graham and Clara at the Fundraiser in 2023
Laurice, Ratt, Lauren and Corinne at the Fundraiser in 2023