Phamaly’s BIG NIGHT!

Two men in overalls facing each other dancing. Phamaly's virtual fundraiser was a huge success! We are sorry you missed our live performance. If you or someone you know did not get a chance to donate during the show, it is not too late to support Phamaly and our work. Check out the details below for more information about how to donate. Also, be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Phamaly Theatre Company's YouTube channel watch our future content.

This year has come with many challenges, including the cancellation of public gatherings due to COVID-19. Our summer musical, Alice in Wonderland had to be postponed, leading to a significant loss of revenue for Phamaly. The challenges will continue as we head into 2021. As we say in theatre, "The Show Must Go On!". Phamaly's BIG NIGHT! "The Show Must Go On!" Webathon was an evening of fun, frolics, and fundraising, with donations reaching over $65,000. There is still a long way to go before we hit our goal. Help us continue to bring unparalleled theatre experiences to artists and audiences, alike. Thank you for your support!

woman dressed as worm on boat.

How to Donate

We are excited to share that it is not too late to donate and support Phamaly. We are able to accept donations starting at $1.00 and appreciate donations of all shapes and sizes . There are a few ways you can give to Phamaly listed below!


Text: Text the code “BIGNIGHT2020” to the number 44-321

Check: Send a check in the mail to Phamaly Theatre Company at 3532 Franklin Street, Suite T2 Denver, CO 80205

Share: If you cannot make a donation, pleases consider sharing why you love Phamaly on social media to help us gain support from our community. Thank you!


Image of BIG NIGHT hosts dressed in sequined outfits and seated with a divider and facesheilds

Program Order from Live Show October 18, 2020

“Ain’t That the Truth” from Jamaica – Musical Performance by Phamaly Actor Laurice Quinn, featuring Donna Debreceni
Welcome! – Hosts Kennedy Isaac and Sam Barrasso
Service Dog Comedy: The Acting Life – With Dragon and Marsha
The Early Days – Through the Eyes of Co-Founder Gregg Vigil
Phamaly Pie Showdown! – Featuring Regan Linton, Mark Dissette, and Don Mauck
Phone Bank: It’s a Webathon? – Featuring Lucy Roucis, Laurice Quinn, and Anthony Scott
Special Guest!
“Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera Musical Performance by Phamaly Actor Leonard Barrett Jr.
Special Guest!
Comedy, Tonight! - Live Comedy by Phamaly Actor Lucy Roucis
Staffin’ It Up
Service Dog Comedy: Stop Taking Our Jobs! – With Dragon and Marsha
Actor Moment Stephen Hahn
Phone Bank – Disability Trivia
Actor Moment – Esha Mehta
“Change Don’t Come Easy” from Memphis Musical Performance by Phamaly Actor Samantha Barrasso, featuring Donna Debreceni
Special Guest!
Service Dog Comedy: What’s Up with the Humans? With Dragon and Marsha
Phone Bank – More Disability Trivia!
“Do Da Caucus!” Music Video Teaser from Phamaly’s 2021 Alice in Wonderland – featuring Kalyn Heffernan
Service Dog Comedy: Canine Classics With Dragon and Marsha
Actor Moment – Vianca Marez
Special Guest!
Premiere of Phamaly’s Webseries, REWRITE: Episode 1, THE CONSTITUTION
“A New Life” from Jekyll and Hyde – Musical Performance by Phamaly Actor Juliet Villa
Wrap Up and Good Night!
“I Am What I Am” from La Cage aux Folles – Phamaly Company

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