photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news

Welcome Letter

To Our Phamaly:

Welcome to The Rocky Horror Show at Phamaly Theatre Company! From the moment the show was announced, our artists and staff have been eagerly waiting with antici…(SAY IT!)…pation to enter into this world of counterculture, difference, and community with you.

Rocky Horror was never meant to be the global phenomenon it has turned into. In the early 1970s, Richard O’Brien, an out of work actor in London, began writing The Rocky Horror Show to keep himself busy on cold winter evenings. Having loved science fiction and low-budget horror films since from a young age, he wrote Rocky Horror as a way to honor his passions and celebrate those among us who may not fit into a traditional mold. Since its debut, Rocky Horror (and its subsequent film adaptation) has become a rite of passage for those in our community who are different.

This story is not unlike Phamaly, which started when our five founders, exhausted by constantly being overlooked, turned their passion into a household name. When we were looking for a summer musical to follow last year’s production of Alice in Wonderland, The Rocky Horror Show fit like a glove…or a garter.

Whether this is your first experience venturing into this strange world, or you are a Rocky Horror veteran, know that at this show and this theatre…you belong. Enjoy the show however you like. If you are at an interactive performance, shout out lines and use the props…or don’t. Tailor the experience of The Rocky Horror Show to you, because this isn’t just our show. It’s yours.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for engaging. Thank you for supporting your Phamaly.


Ben & Sasha