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The Rocky Horror Show Program

The Rocky Horror Show

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien

Directed by Caitlin Lowans

Music Direction by Heather Holt Hall

Choreography by Jari Majewski Price

Assistant Director
Graham Bryant

Scenic Designer
Nicholas Renaud

Sound Designer
CeCe Smith

Technical Director
Brian Kelley

Costume Designer
Madison Booth

Props Designer
Krista Montoya

Stage Manager
Tara Tolar-Payne

Lighting Designer
W. Alejando Melendez

Production Manager
Annie Jacobs

THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW is presented by arrangement with Concord Theatricals.

This show will have a 15-minute intermission.


  • “Science Fiction Double Feature” —Usherettes
  • “Damn It, Janet!” — Brad, Janet
  • “Over at the Frankenstein Place” — Janet, Brad, Riff Raff
  • “The Time Warp” — Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Narrator, Phantoms
  • “Sweet Transvestite” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Brad, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Phantoms
  • “The Sword of Damocles” — Rocky, Narrator, Ensemble
  • “I Can Make You a Man” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Ensemble
  • “Hot Patootie” — Eddie, Ensemble
  • “I Can Make You a Man (cont.)” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Janet, Ensemble


  • “Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me” — Janet, Magenta, Columbia, Phantoms
  • “Once in a While” — Brad, Phantoms
  • “Eddie’s Teddy” — Dr. Scott, Narrator, Columbia, Ensemble
  • “Planet Schmanet - Wise Up Janet Weiss” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Narrator, Janet, Magenta, Ensemble
  • “Rose Tint My World (Floor Show)” — Columbia, Rocky, Brad, Janet
  • “Don’t Dream It – Be It” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Dr. Scott, Brad, Janet, Ensemble
  • “Wild and Untamed Thing” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Ensemble
  • “Transit Beam” — Riff Raff
  • “I’m Going Home” — Frank ’N’ Furter, Ensemble
  • “Super Heroes” — Brad, Janet, Narrator, Phantoms
  • “Science Fiction Double Feature (Reprise)” — Usherettes, Narrator, Phantoms


(In Order of Appearance)

Magenta/Usherette: Annie Sand

Usherette/Phantom: Lily Blessing

Brad Majors: Daniel Traylor

Janet: Jasmine Gonzalez

Phantom: Nicole Bailey

Phantom: Katelyn Kendrick

Phantom: Phoenix Mehta

Phantom/Dance Captain: Miranda Ireland

Narrator: Don Mauck

Riff Raff: Trenton Schindele

Columbia: Madison Stout

Dr. Frank-N-Furter: Matty Umbriaco

Rocky Horror: Vin Ernst

Eddie: Romy Lopez

Dr. Everett Scott: Mark Dissette

Production Team

Production Stage Manager: Darion Ramos

Assistant Stage Manager: Veronica Legler

Assistant Stage Manager & Crew Lead: Richard Sauer

Access Coordinator: Claire Hayes

Assistant Lighting Designer: Zee Howard

Wardrobe Supervisor: Jaime McNear

Costume Assistant: Conan Arlert

Scenic Artist: Chandra Gregg

A1: Chevelier Wiggins

A2 & Backstage Crew: Patrice Mondragon

Captions: Hannah Shepard

ASL Interpreter: JaCee Branch

ASL Interpreter: Jeffrey Bigger

Volunteer Coordinator: Denise Cameron

Box Office Manager: Toni Tresca

House Manager: Bear Omundson

Who is onstage?

Learn about each of the performers on stage with us this production.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Learn about the designers and technicians that make our shows come to life.


Tenor Sax: Alex Burse

Keys: Heather Holt Hall

Tenor Sax: Kevin Sakai

Guitar: Scott Smith

Bass: Rick Thompson

Tenor Sax: Jeremy Wendelin

Drums: Larry Ziehl



Managing Director: Sasha Hutchings

Artistic Director: Ben Raanan

Operations Manager: Erin Banta

Technical Production Manager: Annie Jacobs

Marketing & Communications Manager: Lauren Lynch-Eidson

Company Production Manager: Darion Ramos


Backstage Volunteers

Sam Barrasso

Dawn Meredith

Caitlin Mumma

Virginia Nystrom

Melissa Ottke

Suzanne Velez

Madeline Walsh (Ratt)

THANK YOU to everyone who helped

bring THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW to life!

Sabrina Abbot

Jeremy Althoff

Cad Apostal

Curt Behm

Katie Blessing

Denise Cameron

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Disguises Costume Superstore

William Hnatik

Greg Kendall

Jackson McCart

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Ann Piano

Jennifer Scott

Phamaly Board of Directors

Phamaly Ushers and Volunteers

Su Teatro

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