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30th Anniversary Concert

30th Anniversary Concert

Directed By:
Stephen Wilson

Music Direction By:
Donna Debreceni

Choreography By:
Debbie Stark

Unforgettable moments from the last 30 years were brought to life again in this retrospective concert, featuring some of Phamaly’s greatest performers, songs, and memories since its founding in 1989.  The family-friendly concert was a pure celebration, highlighting the impact Phamaly has made on the Denver community through extraordinary theatre and programs that advance opportunities for theatre artists with disabilities. 

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director: Steve Wilson
Music Director: Donna Debreceni
Choreography: Debbie Stark
Video Designer: Richard Sauer
Stage Manager: Darion Ramos
Musicians: Scott Alan Smith, Leslie William, Larry Ziehl
ASL Interpreters: Adrianna Tippit-Martelli, JaCee Branch


Jennifer Anderman, Jaylen Anders, Samantha Barasso, Leonard E. Barrett Jr., Mark Dissette, Donny Gabenski, Zachary Garcia, Lisa Gough, JoDee Hambright, Channing Icenogle, Miranda Ireland, Molly Kirkham, Carl Krim, Jerry Krim, Kirsten Lang, Regan Linton, Phillip Lomeo, Emily Lujan, Vianca Marez, Amber Marsh, Don Mauck, Moira McConnell, Esha Mehta, Molly Nash, Aloukika Patro, Heather Pyle, Marcelina Ramirez, Adrian Resendez, Lucy Roucis, Adam Russell Johnson, Shannon Sauer, Erin Schneider, Kenny Smith, Madeline Stutte, Jessica Swanson, Daniel Traylor, Kathleen Traylor, Riley Tuttle, Matthew Umbriaco, Gregg Vigil, Juliet Villa, Linda Wirth, Emileigh Woodworth-Smith