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Alice In Wonderland Workshop

Alice In Wonderland Workshop

Written By:
David Jacobi

Performance Date:
Expected Dates Summer 2021

Music By:
Wheelchair Sports Camp

Directed By:
Regan Linton

With the COVID-19 Crisis, Phamaly’s production of Alice in Wonderland will be postponed until our 2021 season. We are using this time to do some workshops on this World Premiere production and engaging the cast over the summer.

Falls down a rabbit hole, she stumbles upon
Wonderland, a bizarre world where nonsense reigns. Once she
loses her memory, Alice must go on a journey to get back,
meeting vanishing cats and philosophical caterpillars along the
way. A modern adaptation of Carroll’s classic children’s book
enhanced by experimental hip hop music, Alice in Wonderland
explores chaotic dreams, overworked students, and the power
that comes with being “a little mad”.

Production Team

Director: Regan Linton
Musicians: Wheelchair Sports Camp
Set Designer: Nick Renaud
Costume Designer: Gregory West
Lighting Designer: Dave Mazzeno
Sound and Effects Designer: Thomas Berning
Production Stage Manager: Darion Ramos
Production Manager: Annie Jacobs