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Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland

Written By:
David Jacobi

Music By:
Wheelchair Sports Camp

Directed By:
Regan Linton

When Alice falls down a rabbit hole, she stumbles upon Wonderland, a bizarre world filled with philosophical caterpillars, chaotic croquet games, and disorienting cats. Once she loses her memory, Alice must go on a journey to get it back. A modern adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book enhanced by an original soundtrack of eclectic music styles, Alice in Wonderland explores the power that comes with letting go and embracing the madness.

Audio Description version available.

Alice in Wonderland Digital Program

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Production Team

Written By: David J. Jacobi
Music By: Wheelchair Sports Camp
Director: Regan Linton
Music Director: Michelle Rocqet
Choreographer: Bashir Page-Sanders
Set Designer: Nicholas Renaud
Costume Designer: Claire Mezzetta
Lighting Designer: Stephen D. Mazzeno
Sound and Special Effects Designer: Thomas Berning
Props Designer: Krista Montoya
Stage Manager: Darion Ramos
Technical Director: Brian Kelley
Assistant Stage Managers: Jane Stewart, Zach Madison


Alice: Kennedy Isaac
Lorne: Apollo Blue
Cheshire Cat Head: Kalyn Heffernan
Cheshire Cat Body: Joshua Elledge
Cheshire Cat Tail: Trenton Schindele
White Rabbit: Moira McConnell
French Mouse: Cody Ohlerking
Dodo: Maggie Whittum
Bird: Beth Newsom
Crab: Jada Shaw
Turtle: Vianca Marez
Caterpillar: Keenan Gluck
Frog Doorman: Madison Stout
Frog Messenger: Molly Kirkham
Duchess: Laurice Quinn
Cook: Melissa Ottke
Mad Hatter: Daniel Traylor
March Hare: Phillip Lomeo
Dormouse: Donna Gunnison
The Queen’s Deck: Madeleine Walsh
The Queen’s Deck: Ayden Armstrong
The Queen’s Deck: Zach Garcia
The Queen’s Deck: Lance Pate
Joker: Jennifer Anderman
Queen: Samantha Barrasso
Knave: Matty Umbriaco