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Baby with the Bathwater

Baby with the Bathwater

Written By:
Christopher Durang

Directed By:
Warren Sherrill

There are bad parents, and then there’s John and Helen, the parents at the center of Baby with the Bathwater. John and Helen aren’t intentionally abusive of their child, they are just clueless about even the most basic things about parenting. Like that it isn’t a good idea to give your baby Nyquil. Or that you shouldn’t wake your baby by yelling, “WAKE UP!” A fun and absurdist comedy with a true depth of heart.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Warren Sherrill
Set Designer – M. Curtis Grittner
Lighting Designer – Shannon Johnson
Costume Designer – Brenda King
Sound Designer – Richard Sauer
Props Designer – Rob Costigan & Bob Bauer
Stage Manager – Veronica Legler
Production Manager – Paul Behrhorst


Helen – Micayla Smith
John – Trenton Schindele
Nanny/Kate/Principal – Kimberlee Nanda
Cynthia/Angela/Miss Pringle/Susan – Kenzie Kilroy
Daisy – Daniel Traylor