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Book By:
Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse

Music By:
John Kander

Based on a Play By:
Maurine Dallas Watkins

Screen Adaptation By:
David Thompson

Directed By:
Regan Linton


Chicago is presented with special arrangement of SAMUEL FRENCH, INC.

“A story of murder, greed, corruption, violence, exploitation, adultery and treachery –  all those things we all hold near and dear to our hearts.”

Against the backdrop of Chicago’s roaring 20s, celebrity hopeful Roxie Hart stands accused of murder. She’s imprisoned in Cook County Jail alongside her longtime idol Velma Kelly, and there’s little hope for anything but a complete downfall into utter obscurity. Except…the artful manipulation of justice by the best criminal lawyer in town: Billy Flynn.

Phamaly celebrated 30 years with its production of the longest running musical revival in Broadway history, and one of the most beloved musicals of all time. 

Cast and Crew

Production Staff

Director : Regan Linton
Music Director: Donna Debreceni
Choreographers: Debbie Stark, Gab Barnett, & Ronni Stark
Dramaturg: Jordan Kaplan
Set Designer: Nick Renaud
Costume Designer: Nicole Harrison
Lighting Designer: Stephen D. Mazzeno
Sound Designer: Jason Ducat
Props Designer: Rob Costigan
Puppet Designer: Katy Williams
Production Stage Manager: Darion Ramos

Assistant Stage Manager: Hannah Shepard
Production Manager: Chris Ewing
Musicians: Rich Duston, Bob Rebholz, Wade Sander, Scott Alan Smith, Larry Ziehl


Velma Kelly – Erin Schneider
Roxie Hart – Megan McGuire
Billy Flynn – Leonard Barrett Jr.
Matron “Mama” Morton – Laurice Quinn
Mary Sunshine – Phillip Lomeo
Amos Hart – Robert Michael Sanders
Mona – Amber Marsh
Annie – Kathleen Traylor
June – Shannon Sauer
Hunyak – Maggie Whittum
Liz – Linda Wirth
Go-To-Hell Kitty – Kirsten Lang
Aaron – Jacob Elledge
Martin Harrison – Kevin Pettit
Harry – Adam Johnson
Fred Casely – Trenton Schindele
Sergeant Fogarty – Mark Dissette
Bailiff – Toby Yount
Judge – Lucy Roucis
Clerk – Kimberlee Nanda
Ensemble – Brianna Bader, Sam Barrasso, Lisa Gough, Miranda Ireland, Griffin McConnell



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