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Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day is December 8. Schedule your donations early!

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Join thousands of Coloradans to support local nonprofits on Tuesday, December 8, 2020. This annual statewide movement celebrates and increases philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Colorado Gives Day is December 8th, but you can schedule your donation today! Giving to Phamaly Theatre Company provides stable support for Phamaly’s disability-affirmative programming now and into the future.  Visit to learn more and schedule your donation. Check out our YouTube Channel for all of our latest content including videos from Phamaly’s BIG NIGHT “The Show Must Go On!” Webathon!

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Who do you think is the backbone of Phamaly? After asking a few of our Phamaly friends, we need your help to settle the score. Cassie Ferro, Daniel Traylor, and Maggie Whittum have raised the stakes and are taking donations for their teams! These three have put their hair-do on the line to find out who you will choose to support through Colorado Gives Day!

  • Cassie is an advocate for Phamaly’s volunteers who give hours and heart to every production, providing accommodations for actors and backstage assistance.
  • Daniel has been on all sides of the curtain and knows the work that goes into being on a crew and designing a show. He knows the crew are the true winners!
  • Maggie knows what the people want: Actors with disabilities on stage! Phamaly’s unique theatrical experiences are not possible without the cast.

Here’s How it works: When you schedule your donation on, let us know who you support volunteers, crew, or cast. List your team in the “IN HONOR OF” section when the donation is processed. The team with the most votes loses their locks. That’s right folks, the winner will bring out the buzzers and shave their head to show their overwhelming support. December 8th is the last day to cast your vote and support Phamaly’s Trim it to Win it – Colorado Gives Day 2020 Campaign. We are excited to find out who you consider to be the cornerstone of Phamaly! Please email with any questions.