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CoronaVox : Stories from the Front

CoronaVox : Stories from the Front

CoronaVox: Stories from the Front

“Corona” –> the “halo” that appears under electron microscopic examination of the COVID-19 virus 

“Vox” –> Latin for “voice”

“CoronaVox” –> Phamaly’s original project highlighting the stories of diverse, real-life Coloradoans during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In the style of Phamaly’s past “Vox Phamalia” programs, CoronaVox: Stories from the Front will be a compilation of theatrical pieces created by Phamaly writers and actors, and based on fellow community members and their unique experiences during COVID-19, particularly “essential workers” who have been the unsung heroes of the pandemic: a health care worker, teacher, food preparer, caregiver, and more. In classic Phamaly fashion, the stories will come to life with vitality, respect, humor, and heart, demonstrating that even during the darkest of times, we can find light in human connection and storytelling.

CoronaVox was presented in virtual format in May, 2021.

You can find the digital Playbill here.

Artistic Staff

Head Writer: Edith Weiss
Directors: Robert Michael Sanders, Lisa Young, Sheila Traister
Stage Managers: Darion Ramos, Alex Romberg, Rihana President,

Emily Shupe Talley
Thomas G. Allen – Denver Indian Center
Kouen Kelly – PASCO
Mireille Bakhos – International Rescue Committee Denver
Jandel T. Allen-Davis – Craig Hospital
Flora Newton – MOD Pizza, King Soopers
Lorrie A. Koskinski – Denver Office of Sign Language Services
Brian M. Polovoy – UC Health Crisis Intervention
Zoe Collins – The Initiative
Kashundra Smith – The Initiative
William Taylor – East High School in DPS

More information on our partners can be found here.

Artists: Jessica Goody, Maria Ciobanu, Maggie Whittum, Apollo Blue, Jim Valone, Daniel Traylor, Donna Gunnison, Melissa Ottke, Lisa Gough, Trenton Schindele, Cristelle Keju, Sonya Rio-Glick, Tracy Alverson, Don Gabenski, Kevin Pettit, Zachary Garcia, Maryann Migliorelli, Tammy Kik, Matty Umbriaco, Sonshine Williams, Gregg Vigil, Adam Johnson, Paul Migliorelli, Jordan Kaplan, Jerry Krim, Lucy Roucis, James Sherman, Joy Carletti, Amanda Rhodes, Jamie Rizzo, Andrew Small, Alyssa Youmans, Laurice Quinn

Program Sponosored by Arts in Society