Phamaly Theatre Company


COVID 19 Programming

COVID 19 Programming

Seize The Day Parody

Past actors and staff from Phamaly Theatre Company sing a parody of Seize the Day from Newsies the Musical. This parody is a response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Performers in order of appearance:

Daniel Traylor, Leonard Barrett Jr., Erin Banta*, Carl Krim, Jerry Krim, Maria Ciobanu, Regan Linton*, Jenna Bainbridge, Phillip Lomeo, Aloukika Patro, Lyndsay Palmer, Hiroko “Koji” Higashino, Jeremy Palmer, Lucy Roucis, Connor Long, Garrett Zuercher, Griffin McConnell, Moira McConnell, Sully McConnell, Adam Johnson, Darion Ramos*, Katy Williams with Morrie and Pillow
Special Appearance by Paul Behrhorst

Musicians: Donna Debreceni (keys and percussion)
Leslie Wilburn (violin)

Editing by Annie Jacobs*

*denotes staff member of Phamaly

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