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Fuddy Meers

Fuddy Meers

Written By:
David Lindsay-Abaire

Directed By:
Emily Tarquin

Amnesiac Claire wakes up every day as a blank slate, and everyday her husband tells her who she is. But today things are different. The audience is along for the ride as a limping and lisping man crawls out from under Claire’s bed, takes her to meet her stroke-impaired mother, and introduces her to a strange, secretive man with a puppet. Through the hilarious characters around her, Claire begins to reassemble bits of her memory to determine each of their true motivations — and her own.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Emily Tarquin
Fight Coordinator – Erin Ramsey
Dramaturg – Ashley Kelashian
Set Designer – Cheryl Brodzinsky
Lighting Designer – Shannon Johnson
Costume Designer – Katie Horney
Sound Designer – El Armstrong
Props Designer – Roo Huigen
Stage Manager – Grace Hartke
Production Manager – Paul Behrhorst


Claire – Jenna Bainbridge
Richard – Trenton Schindele
Kenny – Stewart Caswell
Limping Man – James Sherman
Gertie – Lucy Roucis
Millet – Daniel Traylor
Heidi – Harper Liles
Understudies – Jamie Lewis & Micayla Smith



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