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It’s A Wonderful Life

It’s A Wonderful Life

Adapted By:
Doug Rand

Directed By:
Bryce Alexander & Steve Wilson

Celebrate the season with the whole family in Phamaly’s first ever holiday play.
This story of George Bailey and his wonderful life in Bedford Falls remains a timeless fable of dreams, disillusionment and the power of love. An uplifting chronicle of the extraordinary lives of ordinary folk, It’s A Wonderful Life exhilarates the mind and heart as it celebrates the innate goodness in us all.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Directors – Bryce Alexander & Steve Wilson
Set Designer – M. Curtis Grittner
Lighting Designer – Stephen D. Mazzeno
Sound & Projection Designer – El Armstrong
Costume Designer – Linda Morken
Props Designer – Becky Toma
Stage Manager – Grace Hartke


Flo – Alicia Young
Mrs. Partridge/Horace – Amber Marsh
Mrs. Bailey/Mrs. Hatch – Ashley Kelashian
Violet/Jane – Cassie Ferro
Harry/Nick – Daniel Traylor
Pops/Carter – David Wright
Gower – Eddie Blackshere
Freddie – Edric Richerson
Sam – Eric Richerson
Tommy – Everett Ediger
Janie – Harper Ediger
Uncle Billy – Jaime Lewis
George – Jeremy Palmer
Bert – Kim Jackson
Zuzu – Lily Blessings
Frankie – Lucy Roucis
Mary – Lyndsay Palmer
Potter – Michael Leopard
Pete – Noal Blessing
Jo – Shannon Wilson
Ruth/Agnes – Tammy Davison
Clarence – Trenton Schindele
Annie – Twana Latrice Hill



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