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Written By:
George Bernard Shaw

Directed By:
Melody Duggan

Passing for a duchess at an ambassador’s garden party, Eliza Doolittle assumes a veneer of gentility and impeccable speech. Lampooned by professor of phonetics Henry Higgins, Eliza defies the odds — and societal standards — to prove the deep value in variety.

George Bernard Shaw’s satirical masterpiece is beautifully told and becomes a story of today when viewed through Phamaly’s eyes. Come speak our language of love, power, and identity; and be transported to a world of manners and mannerisms.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Melody Duggan
Dialect Coach – Jeff Parker
Scenic Designer – Cheryl Brodzinsky
Costume Designer – Nicole Harrison
Lighting Designer – Vance McKenzie
Sound Designer – El Armstrong
Props Designers – Rob Costigan, Bob Bauer
Stage Manager – Darion Ramos
Production Manager – Paul Behrhorst


Professor Henry Higgins – Robert Micheal Sanders*
Colonel H. Pickering – James Thompson
Alfred P Doolittle – Jaime Lewis
Freddy Eynsford-Hill – Phillip Lomeo
Eliza Doolittle – Micayla Smith
Mrs. Higgins – Lucy Roucis
Mrs. Pearce – Laurice Quinn
Mrs. Eynsford-Hill – Elizabeth Bouchard
Ensemble – James Beetem, Jacob Elledge, Rachel Graham



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