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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Written By:
William Shakespeare

Directed By:
Regan Linton

Living in a world imbued with conflict and hatred, two young people from rival families discover a powerful force that supersedes the rules of earth and society: love. The actors of Phamaly bring to life a timeless play that was one of the most beloved in Shakespeare’s era, exploring the passion, beauty, poetry, and tragedy of putting aside difference and pursuing love above all else.

This was a workshop production that included minimal production value and basic staging.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director: Regan Linton
Stage Managers: Darion Ramos, Zach Madison


Romeo – Jacob Elledge
Juliet – Elizabeth Bernhardt
Mercutio – Marcus Cannello
Benvolio – Apollo Blue Norton
Tybalt – James Vegliante
Nurse – Lucy Roucis
Friar Laurence – Kevin Pettit
Prince Escalus – Rich Brunker
Paris – Connor Long
Montague – Gregg Vigil
Capulet – David Wright
Lady Capulet – MaryAnne Migliorelli
Lady Montague – Dale Rose
Friar John – Melissa Ottke
Apothecary – Tammy Davidson