photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news


Side Show (1999)

Side Show (1999)

Books and Lyrics By:
Bill Russell

Music By:
Henry Krieger

Directed By:
Don Bill

Music Direction By:
Mitch Samu

Choreography By:
Debbie Stark

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Don Bill
Music Director – Mitch Samu
Choreographer – Debbie Stark
Costume Designer – Rhoda E. Pillsbury
Set Designer – Lisa Orzolek
Sound Designer – Craig Breitenbach
Lighting Designer – Pete Nielson
Production Supervisor – Michael McGoff


Boss – Don Mauck
Violet Hilton – Katrina Weber
Daisy Hilton – Kathleen Traylor
Jake – Christopher Simmons
The Fortune Teller – Tara Cowan
The Bearded Lady – Troy Willis
The Reptile Man – Cory J. Laidlaw
The Snake Lady – Linda Wirth
The Geek – Stephen Hahn
The Fakir – Jim Hubbard
The Sheik – Gregg Vigil
Harem Girls – Deb Countryman, Lucy Roucis, Candace E. Grier
General Tom Thumb –
Dolly Dimples – Angie Aguilar
Tattooed Man – Charles Jacobson
6th Exhibit – Donna Gunnison
Circassian Sisters – Diana Kruylak, Judith Little-Myers, Teri Westerman
The Roustabouts – Edward Blackshere, Teresa Maher, Greg Stanley, Todd Thompson
Terry Connor – R. Matthew Deans
Buddy Foster – Mark Dissette
Todd Browning – David Wright