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Side Show

Side Show

Books and Lyrics By:
Bill Russell

Music By:
Harry Krieger

Based on the True story of:
Daisy & Violet Hilton

Directed By:
Steve Wilson

Music Direction By:
Scott Lubinski

Choreography By:
Debbie Stark and Cindy Bray

Winner of Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Award for Outstanding Actress in Musical to Regan Linton.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Steve Wilson
Music Director – Scott Lubinski
Choreographers – Debbie Stark & Cindy Bray
Set Designer – Tina Anderson
Props Designer – Becky Toma
Lighting Designer – Dave Mazzeno
Sound Designer – El Armstrong
Costume Designer – Linda Morken
stage Manager – Chandra Gregg
Production Manager – Melanie Mayner


Boss 1 – Don Mauck
Boss 2 – Stephen Hahn
Violet Hilton – Regan Linton
Daisy Hilton – Jenna Bainbridge
Jake – Leonard E. Barrett Jr.
Delilah – Mimi Holmes
The Fortune Teller – Amber Marsh
The Bearded Lady – Linda Wirth
The Reptile Man – Jason Dorwart
The Lizard Woman – Angie Aguilar
The Geek – Matt MacCarthy
The Fakir – Gregg Vigil
The Sheik – Kevin Pettit
Harem Girls – Katrina Weber & Samantha Barrasso
General Tom Thumb – Edward Blackshere
Lavinia Thumb – Donna Gunnison
Little Thumb – Molly Nash
Dolly Dimples – Lucy Roucis*
The Tall Man – Sean McGee
The Strong Man – Michael Danahey
The Roustabouts – Briana Berthiaume, Alex Marin, Julie Melton, Troy Willis, Teri Westerman, Don Gabenski
Terry Connor – Nick Ortiz-Trammell
Buddy Foster – Mark Dissette
Todd Browning – David Wright

*Courtesy of Actor’s Equity Association