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Taking Leave

Taking Leave

Written By:
Nagle Jackson

Directed By:
Bruce Alexander

Shakespeare professor Eliot Pryne is packing what he thinks is a suitcase and leaving what he thinks is a hotel. In the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, he is “taking leave” of the real world and imagining a new one. His three daughters — a public school counselor, an actress, and a free-roaming ex-drug user — must decide the next steps for their father. This heartwarming dramatic comedy is about family, living life to its fullest, and the imminence of one’s passing, filled with the often farcical behavior that goes along with this disease. A clever, charming, and honest reflection on the true magic of life.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Bryce Alexander
Scenic Designer – Stephen D. Mazzeno
Costume Designer – Brenda King
Lighting Designer – Shannon Johnson
Sound Designer – Craig Breitenbach
Props Designers – Bob Bauer & Rob Costigan
Stage Manager – Chandra Gregg
Production Manager Paul Behrhorst


Eliot Pryne – David J. Wright
Eliot 1 – Jamie Lewis
Mrs. Fleming – Jodi Hogle
Alma – Twanna Latrice Hill
Liz – Laurice Quinn
Cordelia – Kirsten Lang
Understudies – Mark Dissette, Ashley Kelashian, Harper Liles