photo collage from Annie, Fantastics, and Chicago of characters reading news




Book and Lyrics By:
Greg Kotis & Mark Hollmann

Music By:
Mark Hollmann

Directed By:
Steve Wilson

Music Direction By:
Donna Debreceni

Choreography By:
Debbie Stark & Cindy Bray

Winner of the Colorado Theatre Guild Henry Awards for : Outstanding Actress in a Musical to Juliet Villa, Outstanding Lighting Design to Stephen D. Mazzeno, Outstanding Choreography to Debbie Stark & Cindy Bray, and Outstanding Direction of a Musical to Steve Wilson.

Cast and Crew

Production Team

Director – Steve Wilson
Music Director – Donna Debreceni
Choreographers – Debbie Stark & Cindy Bray
Fight Choreographer – Geoffrey Kent
Set Designers – Jennifer Orf & Charles Packard
Lighting Designer – Stephen D. Mezzeno
Sound Designer – Matthew Schwartz
Costume Designer – Mallory Kay Nelson
Stage Manager – Charlie Miller
Production Manager – Melanie Mayner


Officer Lockstock – Leonard Barrett Jr.
Officer Barrel – Matt MacCarthy
Officer & – Donna Gunnison
Penelope Pennywise – Kathleen Traylor
Bobby Strong – Andrew Caldwell
Joseph Strong – Chaz Jacobson
Josephine Strong – Lucy Roucis*
Little Sally – Jenna Bainbridge
Little Becky Two Shoes – Regan Linton
Hot Blades Harry – Mark Dissette
Tiny Tom – Daniel Traylor
Soupy Sue – Tara Cowan
Roberta the Stockfish – Mimi Holmes
Billie Boyer-Belle – Amber Marsh
8 Ball Benny – Kevin Pettit
Juanito Gordito – Alex Marin
Lester McGee – Leslie Reid
Snakey Jake III – Jacob Mundell
Kidney Kate – Briana Berthiaume
Sluggy – Michael Danahey
Sticky Fingers Bet – Michelle Reyes
Molly Munchkin-Dribble – Molly Nash
Caldwell B. Cladwell – Don Mauck
Hope Cladwell – Juliet Villa
Senator Fipp – Jason Dorwart
Mr. McQueen – Troy Willis
Mrs. Millennium – Linda Wirth
Executives – Julie Melton, Ray Angel, Henry Reyes



Reviews and Press