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Vox Vergere

Vox Vergere

Written By:

Performed At:
The People’s Building
9995 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Performance Dates:
OCT 13–23, 2022

Directed By:
N. Emil Thomas


Intersectionality is one of the key components to the disabled community. It speaks to the interconnected nature of social categorizations such as race, class, sexuality, age, and gender. How do the stories of someone who is “disabled
and Black” differ from someone who is “disabled and Indigenous?” What experiences are germane to a disabled cisgender person and a disabled individual who has transitioned? How do we celebrate the aspects of our identity which make us different and those which make us the same?

Closing out the 2022 season is the latest iteration of Phamaly’s popular Vox series, VOX VERGERE. Ten local and global writers will be commissioned by Phamaly to pen their experiences with intersectionality. Join Phamaly as we celebrate
not only our differences, but also our similarities.

Cast and Crew

Production Team