Director’s Letter

I first read The Spitfire Grill at a very uncertain point in my life. I had just graduated from undergrad and had no idea how to turn the educational aspect of theatre into a professional career. I picked up this random little play that all my friends had heard of, but no one knew anything about and for some reason, it stuck with me for 12 years.

The Spitfire Grill is about hope. It’s about redemption. It’s about lost dreams resurrected through the power of the community we build…our chosen family. Every time I write this sentence, I hope it’s going to be the last time, but our community right now is struggling. Every time we think we have a handle on COVID, it rears back its ugly head. Politically, we are more divided than we have ever been. Even at the most cursory glance, the world seems more in chaos than it has ever been. But we cannot quit. I believe in the human spirit and think that we, as a society, are too resilient to accept this new status quo. When I thought about this season’s theme, my mind kept landing at the phrase “Strength through your Phamaly.” Like in The Spitfire Grill, it will take all our collective strength to push forward with optimism, love, and redemption. As we go through these hard times, please know that your Phamaly will always be there for you to support whatever troubles you might be going through with love and compassion.

Now please, lean forward and engage with The Spitfire Grill.


Ben Raanan Artistic Director