Welcome Letter

Welcome to Phamaly’s 33rd season!

It is no secret the past two years have been…different. The challenges of creating art during a pandemic are many and real. And yet, adapting and adjusting is what has always made Phamaly thrive. Strength and resilience are the heart of Phamaly Theatre Company.

What better way to lift up Phamaly’s new season – our first full season together since COVID-19 – than to celebrate Phamaly’s strength. It was the strength of our founders – five friends looking for a space to create art without barriers; a place where boldness, creativity, and differences would be welcomed and celebrated – that started Phamaly. It was the strength of our artists – with the highs and lows, triumphs and challenges of performing – that has sustained Phamaly. And, it has been your strength – our Phamaly family – that has gotten Phamaly through these unprecedented times.

And now we come together to enjoy our new season. To enter the lobby with anticipation. To find our seats with giddiness. To feel great excitement as the lights lower and the performance begins…

We will never again take for granted the ability to be together – to feel others around us lean in to the story unfolding on the stage; to collectively experience the joy or sorrow emanating from a character; to share in the magic we call theatre.

Phamaly is, and will always be, committed to creating forward-thinking, disability-affirmative theatre. We are committed to providing unparalleled accessibility for our artists and audiences. We are committed to producing transformative art. Can we count on you to commit to Phamaly? We need your continued financial support to ensure we maintain both our accessibility and sustainability. There are many ways to support us: Become a member of the Friends of Phamaly monthly donor program; talk to your financial planner about including Phamaly inyour planned giving; sign up to support Phamaly through iGive.com. Your commitment keeps Phamaly strong.
As our community continues to rebuild, we know one thing is certain: Theatre matters. Now more than ever, authentic and expansive storytelling is crucial, and coming together to experience theatre is imperative. Theatre provides sacred space for creativity, exploration, dialogue, empathy, and transformation…for unity and shared humanity. It is the strength of theatre – of Phamaly – that will see us through. After all, it has gotten us this far.

It is with much gratitude that we invite you to share our 2022 season with us! It will be like no other.

Ben & Sasha